AgentPress: Go In for Professional WordPress Real Estate Theme

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Wondering what is special in a WordPress real estate theme that you will not find in any other theme? Well, for that, you need to take the example of AgentPress, one of the best WordPress real estate themes available today.AgentPress is a professional WordPress real estate theme that is currently being used by a lot of real estate brokers and property dealers in the world, and it is known for great performance and quality. Over the years, property dealers have realised that they have some specific needs and preferences when they are building websites for themselves, and all of those needs and preferences seem to have been incorporated well in a WordPress real estate theme.

One of the most important things that you get with a professional WordPress real estate theme is that it is Search Engine Optimised, which means that the website gets really high rankings on search engine listings. For any company to increase its credibility, and for any website to be known among people, it is important that it ranks high on search listings so that more and more people visit it. This is one way of attracting potential clients from all over the world.

The next thing that comes into play is that of customisation. A lot many times we get attracted to various themes and templates available for free for websites on the web, but some of them have such tight and rigid coding that you can hardly incorporate any new creative ideas or blend your coding with the existing one. This is where a professional WordPress real estate theme comes out as a clear winner because it has a massive scope for customisation. Not only can you change the basic things such as the fonts and the colours, but you can even change the positions of the text and decide the number of posts that you want to appear along with which ones to appear.

Pictures and PSD files too can be added in AgentPress real estate theme. The good thing with pictures is that they will automatically get adjusted and wrapped with your text, thanks to the Automatic Thumbnail Management. For customised property templates, you can add multiple pictures of the property from different angles to give your clients a complete picture of what you are offering.

AgentPress also has a special column structure for those who like to compare multiple property listings simultaneously. The idea behind this is simple enough to understand. Someone who wants to buy a property would want to compare 3-4 options first before he makes his final selection. And to make the process of comparison easier, the column structure comes out well in a grid format, giving an overview of the features of each property listing.

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